Our Guarantee

Blaze Diamond is dedicated to guaranteeing your satisfaction and to providing you with the highest quality diamonds that are available. If for any reason the certified diamond you receive does not meet your expectations, you may return it for a 100% refund within 30 days.

Industry Standard Policy

As a customer of Blaze Diamond you may ask for any terms, payment schedules, time lines, payment schedule amounts; basically anything you wish for. We work very hard to ensure you are at ease and that your desires and goals are accomplished every step of the way. See for yourself, ask for any terms that fit your needs and see how hard we work to meet them. Regarding times when any items such as diamonds, jewelry, etc., are held for customers or taken off the market, the customer understands that the customer will need to pay on time and according to the following schedule unless both parties agree to something different as stated below. When the customer makes any payments, it is for the right to have an item or items removed from the open market where the original buyer could potentially lose the item to another client who desires to buy it first. Only after full payment has been made, will the item be released to the customer. When first payment is received by Blaze Diamond, starting on that date, the customer has thirty days to pay in full unless both parties agree to something different. If the client returns the loose diamond or diamonds in that time period, the customer will receive a refund of 100% of the balance due minus actual shipping expenses such as FedEx. After that 30 day period the customer will be responsible for the full payment for this right to have had that item or items pulled off the open market, where no other customer could purchase it during the three month period after the first payment was made, and therefore will not be eligible for any refund, but will have until the end of three months to pay in full. After 30 days, all payments are therefore a holding fee that the customer purchases with their payment or payments, giving the customer the right to have an item removed from the open market. If full payment has not been made in the three months following the first payment, Blaze Diamond may liquidate and retain all assets, items and payments in order to cover our expenses. This policy ensures Blaze Diamond can maintain the low prices and excellent service that has become our trademark, by ensuring all clients pay in a timely manner. Blaze Diamond is very flexible. If any client desires to have different terms, those terms will be in writing and if agreed to, signed by both parties.