Being good stewards of the Environment is of the utmost importance to Blaze Diamond. We do not use any products, that have been tested on Animals.

During production, Blaze Diamond uses plant based & biodegradable components and materials, whenever possible. In addition, we disagree on the policy of using Alligator Skin for Watch bands,  or other products, where animals or humans are often not treated humanely.

Upon request, we even offer recycled Metal during the casting process.

“Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be ” Tempel Grandin

Jewelry should be Beautiful – in every way.


Documented from mine to market

Canadamark diamonds come from the Ekati and Diavik mines in a remote region near the Arctic Circle and are tracked through audited processes from origin to polished stones.

The mines follow strict environmental agreements between local Aboriginal groups and territorial governments; creating an established history of protecting the integrity of the land, water, and wildlife; via strict standards in their diamond production.


We offer ONLY 100% Conflict Free Diamonds/ Kimberly Process and also offer Canadian Sourced diamonds bearing the CanadaMark engraving.

We keep in personal contact to many Diamond cutters & Gemstone suppliers, ensuring that they are sourced ethically and fair.

Blaze Diamond makes no compromises and does not use any product involved with Conflict Diamonds, nor child labor,  nor any unfair trade. We understand that quality and exceptional workmanship can only come from a business that is held to the highest standards. Therefore, Blaze Diamond has strict policies with whom they do business. We care where our inventory comes from.  Blaze Diamond only sells jewelry, we can stand behind. You have our Guarantee on that. 

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