Covid- 19

Blaze Diamond has changed it’s entire Production Line to help in the effort to fight Covid-19. Therefore we have retooled our whole business operation to produce specifically engineered, N95 Face Mask Covers. This will help in making every N95 re-usable,  and therefore help in keeping critical first-responders; doctors and nurses; Military and Law Enforcement safe. This effort directly fights the shortages of medical supplies, by creating a Cover that is a Force Multiplier and decreases the impact of supply shortages. Blaze Diamond stands for helping America First with American-made products in every way possible.  Blaze Diamond is a Disabled Combat Veteran Owned & Woman Owned Company.

Ethical Artisan Jewelry

Your next treasure is ready to be created

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Above and Beyond Quality

Let’s create something unique and one of a kind together. We are going to be with you every step of the way. Blaze Diamond is a full service Jeweler. If you can imagine it – we can make it. 

Transparency & Ethically Focused

We are a firm believer in taking care of the environment and it’s inhabitants. Everything at Blaze Diamond is sourced ethically. Additionally, every purchase supports our local bee sanctuaries, that Blaze Diamond has established. When we say we are giving back – we keep our word. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Guarantees are legendary. 

When you order from us, you become part of our Blaze Diamond Family. We tailor our services to every phase of your life. 

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