YOU have made this possible.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference by purchasing from Blaze Diamond. 

Giving Bees a Home

Instead of just writing a charity check, Blaze Diamond has gone the extra mile by using funds from every purchase with Blaze, to help endangered Bees, by giving them a home. Blaze Diamond Bees can live their life in a completely "Natural" way.

Action Shot of our Girls

Your purchase saved their lives. 

Thanks for choosing to make a difference with your purchase

These pictures were taken on one of Blaze Diamond's Bee Sanctuaries.

They show the bee combs in their natural beauty.

The golden color of the honey combs reminds one of the intertwined links of a gold chain.

Rescuing a swarm from a tree branch

Climbing to the furthest places to save bees. Every hive is important to us.

Happy working girls landing at one of Blaze Diamonds hives

Our expert Beekeepers make sure our hives stay healthy and happy

Nature is the best Artist

Every hive has its own personality and at our Sanctuaries we cherish each one.

Bees are such fascinating creatures and we let them be natural. We don’t spray them with any pesticides nor antibiotics. 

Can you see the Queen?


This is Olga the Queen. She has the big butt and yellow dot on her back. Our bees are taken care of with love. We don’t harvest their honey. Whatever they collect throughout the year – stays theirs. Each and every Blaze Sanctuary Bee is cherished.  


At Blaze Diamond Sanctuaries we use all different types of hives, such as Top bar, Warre, Langstroth. 

Albert Einstein:

“If the Bee disappeared Off the Face of the Earth, Man Would Only Have Four Years Left to Live.”

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Blaze Diamond produces & donates Masks/Covers. Actively helping America get back on it’s feet. 

We love our country and are happy to help.

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