Diamond FAQs

Some of the questions we receive from our customers regarding diamonds are answered below. Call or email us and one of our trained experts or call our Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-77Blaze or Sales@blazediamond.com

  • Is it safe to buy a diamond over the Internet?
    • Yes. BlazeDiamond.com has an exclusive inventory of diamonds that have been graded by major independent laboratory like the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Gem Trade Lab, American Gem Society (AGS) or Hoge Raad vor Diamont (HRD), or equivalent. We do not sell European Gemological Laboratory (EGL),nor International Gemological Institute (IGI) graded Diamonds since they are not equal in our eyes and our first is always our customer. We care that you get really what you are paying for. Call us for more information. We would love to talk with you. 

Ordering a stunning diamond from Blaze Diamond is a completely worry free experience. We love taking care of our customers and going through the excitement of finding the perfect match.  With our Price Match Guarantee means you can be assured you get the best price and value.

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  • Is it safe to mail a diamond?
    • Since we ship our diamonds by carriers like FedEx and USPS(overseas) all orders are only shipped fully insured. So our customers don’t have to worry.

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  • How do I know the diamond I receive is the quality I purchased?
    • At BlazeDiamond.com we know the importance of purchase of diamond jewelry is to our customers. So, in order to assure you that you’re receiving the value and product you expect, we provide both a grading report from a well-known and well-respected independent gemological laboratory such as the GIA, AGS, HRD for all diamonds of 1/3 ct or more. We also provide a professional jewelry appraisal report.  We do not sell EGL nor IGI Diamonds since they are in our eyes lower certifications. One has to compare Apple to Apples and Oranges to Oranges. In the case of comparing a GIA certified diamond with an EGL is as if I would compare a Porsche with an Subaru Outback – there is no comparison. 

If you have any further questions about the appraisal report, please call us at 1-877-77BLAZE (25293) or or send us an Online Inquiry and select Appraisal Report to receive a prompt reply from one of our trained experts.

A grading report also includes a diagram that “maps” the diamond’s inclusions. Since each diamond is unique, the diagram acts like a fingerprint to identify that particular diamond. A diamond can be compared to its certificate by examining it under a 10-power loupe.

 It is important to note that a diamond grading report from an independent laboratory is NOT an appraisal, which estimates the monetary value of a particular stone. It is simply an impartial, informed opinion made by an experienced gemologist.

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  • How do I know what he/she’ll like?
    • It is great to ask a friend/mom to take your beloved window shopping & take pictures of the rings he/she liked – as long as they can keep a secret.  It also might be a good idea to look at her other jewelry to get a reading on her taste and style (modern or classic or antique, etc.). Sometimes the best is to just do the direct approach and ask your beloved – or let her/him pick three options and you do the last choice.  

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  •  How do I know her/his ring size?
    • We will mail you a free ring sizer – to make sure that you will get the size right. Just email or call us. We are here for you. 

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  • Does BlazeDiamond.com sell ‘enhanced’ or ‘treated’ diamonds?
    • Unless specifically requested by the Client; we do not usually sell any diamonds that have undergone enhancements, such as clarity or color enhancing, fracture filling or laser drilling. 

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  • What is the best way to care for and clean a diamond?
    • Avoid wearing your diamonds while doing housework, yard work or any other kind of rough work. Even though a diamond is extremely durable, a hard blow could chip it. Also, when doing household chores, never allow your jewelry to come into contact with chlorine bleach. If you notice a loose stone setting, stones moving or any other noticeable damage to your jewelry, do not wear it until you have taken it to a professional jeweler. We recommend that you have us check the setting in your diamond ring.

The best way to clean your diamonds is in a bowl of warm, sudsy water with a bit of any mild liquid detergent. Brush the pieces with a soft brush, then transfer them to a wire or tea strainer and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners also work quite well. You can find complete diamond care and cleaning information in our Care of your investment  section.

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  • What are the 4Cs?
    • Diamonds are graded and priced according to what is universally referred to as the “4C’s”. They are CutColorClarity and Carat Weight.
  • Which of the 4Cs is the most important?
    • All 4Cs are important in determining the value of a diamond. The thing to keep in mind is that a diamond’s quality will always be a balanceof the 4Cs. For example, you may have to choose a lower Carat weight in order to find a diamond with better Clarity. Or you may decide to trade a slightly lower Color grade in order to get a stone with a better Cut. Excluding carat weight as a factors, The highest quality attainable in a diamond is a “D” color, F (flawless) clarity stone that is Ideal Cut, meaning it gives off the maximum amount of fire and brilliance. We will help you decide what is best for you – with your budget and vision.

The best way to approach it is for you to first get a general understanding of the four grading characteristics by visiting our Learning Center, then decide for yourself where to strike a balance. Of course, there are other factors that can make the decision easier, like a recipient who likes larger or smaller stones, for example. In this case, if you’re working within a specific budget, you may decide to increase the diamond’s carat weight and go with a slightly lower color, cut or clarity. For a more in-depth discussion of the 4Cs, click here. If you need more guidance, our trained experts are ready to help. Call 1-877-77BLAZE or email at Sales@BlazeDiamond.com

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  • Are your Diamonds Ethically Sourced?
    • We only sell conflict free Diamonds. You don’t have to worry. We care at Blaze Diamond and make sure that we only support and purchase ethically sourced diamonds. Additionally, we are on a one to one basis with many of our cutters. We know where our Sparkly Babies are coming from.

BlazeDiamond.com is committed to offering its customers high-quality graded diamonds, sourced from the world’s finest and most respected suppliers. We endorse any process that works to support and maintain legitimacy in the diamond trade. The Owner of Blaze Diamond keeps in close contact with his sources all over the world and has visited some of them himself.  

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