Owner Responsibility

When you are the owner of a diamond or precious gem you must take special care in order to protect your investment. The majority of jewelers are honest and legitimate business people. However, it takes only one dishonest person to switch your stone with a fake one. It is of the utmost importance for you to have the knowledge of the uniqueness of your stone, so that independently from any jewelers, you are able to identify your own diamond. If you are the proud owner of a diamond and would like to learn how to identify your stone we will teach you over the phone how to do so. Even if you have not purchased from Blaze Diamond we want you to be protected. Other than a laser engraved serial number, identifying an inclusion is the best security as it will never change or go away. If you do not own a jewelers loupe, we are willing to send you one for free, if you pick up the shipping costs. Checklist that every diamond buyer should know:

  • When purchasing any kind of goods or services, it is best to get the whole purchase agreement in writing. 
  • When purchasing a diamond, buy only stones that are independently certified as from G.I.A., A.G.S, H.R.D, etc. This will help to prevent dishonest jewelers from selling you a diamond that has either: No “legitimate” certification, no certification or “hidden” inclusions under prongs. Also, when your diamond is handed to you, make sure that what you get is actually what you have bought. Does the certificate match the actual diamond’s finger print? 
  • Whenever your diamond is taken out of your sight, make sure to inspect the unique inclusions or serial number of your diamond before it leaves your possession. Immediately re-inspect the diamond the moment it is returned to you. Your precious diamond can be easily switched with a Cubic Zirconia, a less valuable diamond or a Moissanite. 
  • Diamond testers can be used as a tool to trick people. It is important to know your own diamond and not have to rely on others. Wen your diamond is being tested, make sure that a Moissanite tester is being used along with a diamond tester. Understanding the difference between Moissanite and a diamond is very important. A Moissanite is made from compressed carbide and was originally found in the crater of a meteorite impact. The most dangerous aspect of Moissanite is that it ‘passes’ standard Diamond Tester tests, which check for Thermal Conductivity. The way a Diamond Tester works is to heat up a small probe and touch it to the stone. Diamond absorbs heat at a very specific rate, while a C.Z. reflects heat. The Diamond Tester measures the time it takes to cool this probe from one temperature to another, in a very specific period of time. Diamonds have a ‘rate’ of cooling that is different than a C.Z. However, Moissanite has this exact same rate of cooling, so a standard Diamond Tester is fooled into producing a false reading of “Diamond.” An actual Moissanite Tester checks both properties. A tester should have an indicator for both Diamond and Moisannite, if both testers are in one machine.
  • Always make sure that the probe from the tester only touches the center of the stone and not the metal prongs of the ring. If the tester touches one of the prongs and Cubic Zirconia at the same time, the tester can be tricked and give out a false reading of ‘diamond.’ 
  • When comparing prices from different jewelers, you must check that they have the same Certification and “Standards of Grading.” This will ensure the accurate comparison of products as VS1 does not always equal VS1 depending on the certification. The same grading standard are used by high-end labs such as G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) , H.R.D. (Diamond High Council) or A.G.S. (American Gemological Society). Many other Certification Institutes are a “for” profit lab and their aim and marketing is distinctly different- which means that they give diamonds better ratings than what they are worth. 


 Please feel free to call us any time. We are glad to help in any way to educate people and help to protect them from fraud. Knowledge is Power and Safety. 

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