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Blaze Diamond will try to beat any competitor's price or value on any identical item!  Diamonds require the same certification and grading standard, such as the G.I.A.  Items you find elsewhere with no certification, such as small diamond earrings, can't be compared. For instance, Mall "Chain" Stores advertise on TV “1-ct earrings…$999” and show a picture that looks great.  When you get to the Mall "Chain" Store, you are shown the most yellow and visibly flawed diamonds you have ever seen.  We do not practice this “Bait and Switch” technique. We can make the same diamond earrings and sell them for less, but where we really crush them is Value.  

‘Value’ vs. ‘Cost’ are not even close to the same thing. For instance, when you buy diamond earrings from us, take them to any Mall “Chain” Store and compare the color and clarity.  It will be like night and day. Just as importantly, compare the fire and brilliance.  Diamonds from many Mall “Chain” Stores are cut by children in the third world and are cheaper, because they are cut with no proportions and have little brilliance, scintillation and dispersion- they are dead glass. Diamonds with maximum fire and brilliance are cut by professionals which takes time and skill. 

Take the free Jeweler’s loupe we send you and clarity check our diamonds side by side with anyone’s that has a cheaper ‘cost’ and you will see with your own eyes why they are cheaper.  You probably won’t even need the loupe to see the difference!  When we tell you, “They will be flawless to the naked eye,” they are.

When purchasing from Blaze Diamond, you have joined the “Customer for Life” program. With many of our diamonds, when you purchase a 3/8ct or larger diamond from us you will get 100% of that diamond’s cost credited back to you, if you ever “Trade Up” to a new diamond from us.  Here are a few more benefits on many of our diamonds:

  • Tax Free when shipped out of AR to your state.
  • Warranty for life on all jewelry settings
  • We will beat any competitor’s price or value on any identical item!
  • Free jeweler’s loupe
  • Free insurance for 1 year
  • Free shipping
  • Free laser inscribed serial number so you can ID it with the loupe
  • We will even ship it for you to inspect before you ever “own” it and you have no obligation to buy
  • Trade Up Program” when you buy from Blaze Diamond- 100% of that diamond’s cost is credited back to you, if you ever “Trade Up” to a new diamond from us
  • Independent lab certification to the high standards of the G.I.A., A.G.S., etc. 
  • We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on every loose diamond
  • Diamonds are guaranteed to be flawless to the naked eye, when that is the kind of diamond you have requested
  • Free polishing for life.  If your jewelry is ever scratched, we polish at no cost & ring sizing as needed!

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