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Blaze Diamond produces & donates custom made, re-Useable, N95 Covers for First-Responders / Doctors / Military Medical / Dental / Veterinary Medicine.

Another 100 Masks donated

Donations of masks made and funded solely by Blaze Diamond. We appreciate all of our customers –  they are helping to make this possible. 

The N95 Mask Cover features:

  • German Engineered / USA Made
  • Keeps N95 far cleaner, indefinitely; as a new cover is switched out with every patient; or every hour, as demand/regulations require
  • Variable and Differing Patterns for easy Team / Individual recognition, and as a visual reminder of what is sanitized versus what has been already worn. 
  • Mask design for comfort & functionality
  • Heavy duty sewing / corner reinforcements
  • Adjustable aluminum nose-piece is Annealed (Softened) and creates improved outer cover seal; Aluminum is 99% pure and offers superior formability and corrosion resistance during wash / sanitizing cycle.
    • We do not use “cheap metal” since our Mask covers can be used in a metal free work environment such as hospitals/MRI’s, etc. 
  • Fully Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Environmentally sound: mask Cover is indefinitely reusable / keeps N95 clean and better sanitized.


Recommended use / Instructions:

  • Each member should have enough Covers to switch out to a fresh Cover, every few hours, or with every contact with a new patient / client , per your local / CDC regulations.
  • Individual should wash their used Covers at the end of the shift -or- thermally sanitize (or as your local regulations require). Repeat the following shift. If sanitizing facilities or cleaning agents are limited: put all used [but unsoiled] Covers in a breathable box/location where they can be untouched for the length of time needed for the virus to die off naturally; then reuse Cover after that time period. Some studies indicate virus die-off between appx. 3-7 days, depending on Humidity and Temperature. Follow current CDC guidelines.
  • Especially in highly infections environments, it is recommended to switch the mask covers, each time after seeing a infectious patient, to ensure medical staff & new patient safety. Sanitize immediately.
  • If you are Active Duty Military (“On Orders” DoD) -or- First-Responder and in need of a Mask cover, email us from your .mil or Official email, with your donation request.

We are here to help America get back on it’s feet, and Available 24/7 if questions.

501-258-7062 – Text First to avoid Call Screening
Email us

N95 masks are recommended as an internal insert. Mask Covers are not FDA approved, nor a direct replacement for a medical grade filter. These Masks are intended as a Cover – to better protect your internal filter; though it can be worn alone if you do not have a medical grade filter. 

All Masks are for individual use and cannot be returned, due to Health Guidelines. 

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