How to make the perfect fit of your Mask

Covers are fully adjustable to Children, Teens, Women and Men [ Small and Large faces ] either with/without an internal Mask.

  • First secure the N95 Mask on your face & ensure proper fit (seal).
  • Place Mask Cover over N95 Mask & secure with the strap so it fits comfortably.
  • Form aluminum nose piece into “W” shape to fit Over your nose and Under your eyes, to improve Vision
  • Slowly pull single-sided Draw String (see blue arrow) until Cover is equally compressed / symmetric and centered on the bottom THEN Loosely “multiple loop” or “large loose knot” Tie the end, so Cover’s Bottom keeps shape
  • Tuck Bow Tie and excess cotton strap behind Cover while wearing -or- Cut off excess after WEARING FOR 1 FULL DAY, to ensure no other adjustments needed.


  • Opposite side of Draw String is sewn in, so it will not fall out during Wash Cycle or rigorous Activity.
  • Tie straps can be worn below the ear for light duty / comfort; Above the ear for Long Term / Physical activity



Wash- Gentle cycle or Hand Wash / Air Dry Only / NEVER microwave or put in Dryer, due to Aluminum Nose piece

The Mask Cover was uniquely designed to fit any Size or Shape face or head, with or without an internal N95 or surgical Mask. Form Fit design covers face shapes from a small child, teens, to adult – Blaze Diamond’s German Design has you covered. 

  • The Soft Aluminum Nose Piece is fully adjustable & should fit snug on top of the nose. We recommend to form a “W” shape, for maximum peripheral vision. Annealed Aluminum is 99% Pure and should be MRI-safe. Verify compatible with your Local and AMA Guidelines.
  • The Adjustable 100% Cotton, USA-Made,  mil-spec, Chin Strap is sewn-in on one end: Will not fall off, nor slip out, during sanitizing / wash cycle.
  • Bottom Chin Strap makes it possible to infinitely adjust your mask by tying a “knot” at the other end. Trim off excess as desired. 
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