This Diamond could be yours. Can you see the amazing detail of the Diamond.  Just “Click” on the image to see it 3 D

Our inventory changes daily. Here is a small sample inventory.

ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
FVS1VG2.026.97 x 6.8368.566GIA$29,242$21,931$16,083
EVS2Exc1.726.54 x 6.5268.261GIA$23,541$17,656$12,948
GVS1VG1.706.67 x 6.5566.665GIA$23,511$17,633$12,931
EVS1VG1.516.39 x 6.2568.160GIA$23,440$17,580$12,892
EVS2Exc1.516.28 x 6.1568.868GIA$19,539$14,655$10,747
ESI1VG1.506.1 x 6.0269.968GIA$18,419$13,814$10,131
HVS2Exc1.516.39 x 6.3965.761GIA$16,519$12,390$9,086
IVS1VG1.516.44 x 6.3566.561GIA$14,496$10,872$7,973
GVS1VG1.205.85 x 5.7867.963GIA$11,880$8,910$6,534
FVS2VG1.205.85 x 5.5869.668GIA$10,282$7,711$5,655
FVS1VG1.025.56 x 5.5367.263GIA$8,547$6,410$4,701
ESI1VG1.015.49 x 5.4666.864GIA$8,453$6,340$4,649
ESI1VG1.015.56 x 5.468.762GIA$7,815$5,861$4,298
HVS2VG1.015.41 x 5.3869.964GIA$6,630$4,973$3,647
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All diamonds, prices and terms are subject to sale and/or change without notice.

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