This Diamond could be yours. Can you see the amazing detail of the Diamond. Just “Click” on the Image to see it 3 D  

Our inventory changes daily. Here is a small sample inventory.

ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
JSI2VG1.016.59 x 4.9866.163GIA$4,850$3,638$2,668
IVS1VG1.016.86 x 4.7268.465GIA$7,005$5,254$3,853
FSI2VG1.016.4 x 4.7665.559GIA$7,070$5,303$3,889
FSI1VG1.016.69 x 4.9265.962GIA$7,151$5,363$3,933
HSI2VG1.106.98 x 4.896763GIA$7,282$5,462$4,005
ESI2VG1.016.93 x 4.7666.663GIA$7,353$5,515$4,044
ESI2VG1.016.65 x 4.9266.562GIA$7,353$5,515$4,044
HVS1VG1.016.91 x 4.7365.362GIA$7,353$5,515$4,044
IVS1VG1.116.91 x 5.0765.961GIA$7,386$5,540$4,062
FSI2VG1.146.97 x 4.9469.163GIA$7,519$5,639$4,135
ESI1VG1.006.79 x 4.7963.765GIA$7,810$5,858$4,296
GVS1VG1.016.6 x 4.8965.664GIA$8,262$6,196$4,544
GVVS2VG1.016.68 x 567.165GIA$8,879$6,659$4,883
GVS2VG1.016.9 x 4.686764GIA$9,050$6,787$4,977
DVS1VG1.026.46 x 4.7767.463GIA$9,107$6,830$5,009
GVS1VG1.056.86 x 4.8866.864GIA$9,702$7,277$5,336
FVS1VG1.016.79 x 4.866.762GIA$9,898$7,424$5,444
EVS1VG1.026.61 x 4.869.160GIA$10,710$8,033$5,891
EVS1VG1.056.75 x 4.8465.662GIA$11,024$8,268$6,063
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