This Diamond could be yours. Can you see the amazing detail of the Diamond.  Just “Click” on the image to see it 3 D

Our inventory changes daily. Here is a small sample inventory.

ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
DSI2G1.516.64 x 7.960.760GIA$15,599$11,699$8,579
FSI1VG0.905.87 x 6.7457.857GIA$5,967$4,475$3,282
HSI2VG0.905.85 x 6.560.558GIA$4,717$3,538$2,595
JSI1VG0.905.64 x 6.6660.961GIA$4,366$3,274$2,401
ISI2VG0.905.79 x 6.5760.959GIA$3,590$2,693$1,975
Email us and we will send you our current inventory. Whatever your heart desires  – We have it.
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All diamonds, prices and terms are subject to sale and/or change without notice.

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