This Diamond could be yours. Can you see the amazing detail of the Diamond.  Just “Click” on the image to see it 3 D

Our inventory changes daily. Here is a small sample inventory.

ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
EVVS2VG1.015.69 x 5.5272.574GIA$11,878$8,908$6,533
GVVS1VG1.025.66 x 5.587273GIA$10,282$7,711$5,655
GVVS2VG1.015.54 x 5.4372.872GIA$9,757$7,317$5,366
HVVS1VG1.055.57 x 5.476.465GIA$8,442$6,332$4,643
HVVS1VG1.105.72 x 5.5971.173GIA$8,316$6,237$4,574
HVVS2VG1.015.57 x 5.572.970GIA$7,818$5,864$4,300
ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
DVS1VG1.005.55 x 5.4574.574GIA$10,240$7,680$5,632
GVS2Exc1.025.67 x 5.473.770GIA$8,486$6,365$4,668
FVS1VG1.015.42 x 5.3474.771GIA$8,060$6,045$4,433
IVS2VG1.015.41 x 5.2875.774GIA$6,838$5,128$3,761
IVS1G1.015.74 x 5.4972.378GIA$6,790$5,093$3,735
IVS1VG1.015.55 x 5.2974.769GIA$6,721$5,041$3,696
JVS1VG1.035.68 x 5.3974.172GIA$5,324$3,993$2,928
ColorClarityCut CaratSize mmDepth%Table%ReportMall StoreWebBlaze
GSI1VG1.015.42 x 5.471.571GIA$7,873$5,905$4,330
DSI2VG1.005.6 x 5.4671.575GIA$7,007$5,255$3,854
FSI2VG1.015.58 x 5.3474.270GIA$6,731$5,048$3,702
HSI1VG1.015.4 x 5.3873.55.38GIA$6,616$4,962$3,639
GSI2G1.015.46 x 5.2878.977GIA$6,503$4,877$3,577
ESI2VG1.015.41 x 5.3475.772GIA$6,302$4,727$3,466
ESI2VG1.015.37 x 5.3574.969GIA$6,302$4,727$3,466
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All diamonds, prices and terms are subject to sale and/or change without notice.

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