Platinum, White Gold and Yellow Gold

If you want the look of platinum without the cost, white gold is an option, but there are drawbacks.  Realize that there is no such thing as a gold that is "white," it is just alloyed with nickel to make it “less yellow.”  After a ring or other piece of jewelry is made, they are plated.  In time, the palladium plating on the sides and edges of a 'white gold' ring will wear off, exposing the light yellow below it. 
If you desire absolute white color and ultimate durability, we would recommend platinum, because it is naturally white and not 'light yellow’ such as white gold. 
As far as softness/durability:
-Yellow gold is the softest and it is easier for stones to get loose if a prong is caught or snagged on something like a door or sweater. 
-White gold is stronger than yellow gold. 
-Platinum is much stronger.  It has a melting temp of 1800*C (3272*F) compared to gold which is about 950*C.  This equates to protecting your investment much better.

For investment reasons, platinum is the best choice. It will keep the diamond set more securely and the prongs are not as likely to loosen because platinum is a much stronger material. Platinum is our number one selling metal for these reasons.  Because platinum is more rare, many people view platinum as a more special gift.



You also have the choice of grades of Ti on some rings. 

  • The primary alloy used is Titanium 6-4 (6Al/4V). It's composed of 90% titanium, with 6% aluminum and also 4% vanadium. Titanium 6-4 is known as aircraft grade titanium. It has a tensile strength of up to 150,000 psi.  This is standard in these rings.


  • For an even stronger ring that resists scratches, extra hard Titanium 6-6-2 is used (6Al/6V/2Sn). This is more durable and is composed of 86% titanium, with 6% aluminum, 6% vanadium, and 2% tin. This is the strongest titanium alloy and is used in the aerospace fields for the great strength and its light weight. Titanium 6-6-2 has an incredible tensile strength of up to 180,000 psi.
    This option is $105 more expensive, but worth it.  This is what wedding ring is made of, because I hate scratches.
  •  Ring mm widths from 3mm to 12mm


  •  Available finish:  Brushed, Polished, Satin, Coarse, Florentine, Peened.

You can have them engraved with a short message for $25



Tungsten comes from the Swedish word “tung sten” which means “heavy stone”. It is a gray metallic element with the atomic number of 74 (atomic symbol of W). Tungsten is stable and very resistant to acids and bases and has the highest melting temperature of any metal (3422 Celsius, 6192 Fahrenheit).
We offer a strong Tungsten Alloy which has a density doubling that of steel and also heavier than lead. Tungsten’s non toxicity as well as amazing corrosion resistance, gives it many positive characteristics. The metal has a low coefficient ofexpansion and a high modulus of elasticity.  Tungsten alloys are used mostly in military applications, aircraft parts, nuclear and medical radiation shields for x-ray and radiation therapy, rockets parts, jewelry, etc.